NHMOG is Under Construction

Welcome to NH Managing Our Government

Update:  So I got side tracked.  What I realized was that I had to make sure the Rye Civic League was successful first and then I could come back to this.  Go to www.ryecivicleague.org to see some of what we are doing.

– Monthly Civic News that summarizes what happened at town and school meetings

– Town Handbook – explains what we have for town government and what each board, commission, committee, etc…. does

– Analyze the town budgets – there is no story for the residents

– Candidates nights and other activities….

We are just getting started.  The first steps are for NH Individuals to start to set goals for all levels of our Local, County and State Governments.

For many our single largest purchase every year is government.  We choose whether we just throw our money over the fence and hope it is effectively used, or we can be much more active to assure we maximize the value we get from our purchase.

It is our government and our responsibility to actively Direct, those who manage our day to day government.  While we elect politicians they report to us and that requires us to establish the goals and track the results to assure we areg getting increased value at lower costs year over year.  This is much different then voting every two years and seeing what happens.

This is a big task and can only be accomplished if we each contribute what we can as part of our individual civic responsibilities.  So what is it that each of us can do?

NHMOG is a place where we can create those measures and metrics that any manager needs to proactively manage.  Once these are established, then others can begin to collect the information so it can be compared and contrasted.

With this bench marking individual communities, counties and the State of NH can be driven to provide increasing value from our government at decreasing costs year over year.  We need to drop the political party ideology and focus on the government we agree we must have and develop the collective skills to manage that (police, fire, schools, DPW, etc…).  On the federal level we can focus on the individual effectiveness of our representatives in congress.