Local is your town or city.

The first task is to make sure residents understand how your local government works and implement a system for monitoring public meetings.  The other task is to develop the tools that clearly communicate the value and year to year improvements in all parts of our government.

  • What is the organizational structure of your local government?
  • What are the reporting structure of boards, comitees, selectman, admins, counsels..

Town and City meetings are public, but most people do not have the time to watch town cable channels or to attend these meetings.  So Cities and Towns need to develop a system independent or inconjunction with local newspapers to report on the key points of each public meeting.  This is a short digestable paragraph that quickly gets the key points across.  Details should be availble in meeting minutes or other sources.

Metrics Pages:  These pages are where we (NH Citizens) will help develop the measurements and metrics to understand the performance, efficiencies and effectiveness we are getting for our investment in local government.

Best in Class pages:  These pages are tools for how towns and cities are managing local governments and where comparable information can be kept.  This will allow us to compare and contrast departments (DPW, Schools, Fire, Government Operations….).