On the Ballot

On the Ballot

This is one goal of getting the 15,000 signatures to create a NHMOG on the 2012 ballot.

If NHMOG does this, we can have colomn on the 2012 ballot.

First – if there are qualified and competant people who want to serve, but do not want to go through the gauntlet of the Republicans or the Democrats, then this could be an avenue for them to get on the ballot.

If there are no independents or if the Republican or Democrat candidate or incumbent is extreemly effective in representing all of their consitituents, NHMOG can list this person in the NHMOG column.  A Republican or Democrat can be listed in more than one column on the ballot and they are awarded the sum of the votes.

Idealy NHMOG would like to see any person listed in the NHMOG colomn have 90% or more any campaign funds come from NH or from their district.  All contributions should come from people who they will represent – no others.