Society:  These should be goals that we as a community can all tackle together.  We would be focused on these specific items since they suck resources from our economy and put a drain on our ability to succeed.

Health:  This is not healthcare, but a commitment to be healthy.  If someone is overweight, that weight needs to be fed, clothed and transported and that costs money.  Un-needed weight puts addtitional strain on a person’s body and this can lead to healthcare costs that could be avoided.

Crime:  Crime sucks, because it costs us a fortune.  The victims of crime suffer first.  Then the rest of us suffer since we need to bare the cost of prevention and catching criminals.  Once they are caught, we must fund the legal system and if found guilty we must also fund the cost of incarceration.  The more we reduce crime, the more of our income we get to keep and the more funds we can invest in driving our economy.

Energy:  We use too much Energy.  Forget about the global warming argument or the national implications of our dependancy on foreign oil, we may be better off if we learn to minimize the volume of energy we consume.  If we can reduce our energy consumption, then “green” energy options have a much greater chance of a positive impact to our society.