Civic Leagues

NHMOG views Civic Leagues are groups of citizens who organize to help their town or city manage their government.

Example: Rye Civic League (RCL)

Each month he RCL publishes the Rye Town News e-mail that lists the upcoming town public meetings, a short consice paragraph of the key points from meetings, communicates key points of local issues.

Here is what the Rye Town News looks like:

The RCL also has launched 5 action teams.

Team 1)  Is developing a plan to get people at all of the public meetings.  One idea is to work with local high school students to attend the meetings and provide the short key points paragraphs for the Rye Town News.  The RCL is looking at possibly paying the students in addtion to school credit.  The other key benefit is that the residents of Rye are taking a more active role in assuring that our nect generation has the chance to practice civic responsibilties.

Team 2) has developed a ORG chart showing all of the elected officials and board members, appointed positions and all of the town employees.  This group is also producing a citizens handbook that explains the differnt town roles, responsibilites and communicates the process.

Team 3) is working to help the citizens understand the large planned investments each year prior to the deliberative town meeting and voting for the expendatures.  Town departments, the budget committte, selectman, and the Capital Improverment Plan committee ask many of the due-dillegence questions and that is key information for citizens to be informed of.

Team 4) is focused on the publication of the Rye Town News and growing the number of residents who receive the Rye Town News.

Team 5) is focused on the Town Deliberative Meeting, as an SB2 town, Rye has a Deliberative and then votes on warrant articles and for officials and board meetings.  However, Rye is too large for a town meeting and on the small size for requireing a Deliverative session, so this group is focusing on delivering the benifits of a Town Meeting, but in the Deliverative format.