Schools account for a majority of what we invest in our communities.

How effective is this large investment.  No one questions our American commitment to education, but each town needs to work to assure our investment is producing the best results.

Metrics are needed on School Boards.

For each grade are the students prepared to suceed at the next level?  So that is the next level, whether the next grade or post high school graduation (college, universities, vocation schools, the armed forces or directly to the work force).  This is how School systems can be evaluated.

Individual teachers can be measured on advancing each student one or more levels from the begining of the school year to the end of the school year.  At the end each year a teacher should evaluate the level of each student, then two teachers for the next grade should also evaluate the student and the combination of the three teachers established the starting point for next year.  Let the teachers do the evaluating.

If we call each level gained a rung, we can then subtract out (music, gym, etc…) and look at the cost per rung each year.