We can start with the basics:

– How many votes where there, how many did they make or miss.

– What is their annual budget?  What does their staff look like?  Tracking and reporting on their budge every quarter.  Provide a breakout of their expenses?

– Publish whick lobbyists they meet with?

– What Committees are they on?  What are their roles?

– What did they accomplish on their commitees?  How well do they work with others?

– What legislation did they author?  What % did each of the sponsors contribute to its development?

– Classify the legislation as improving the effectiveness of government or is this distractive legislation.

– Develop Constituent Satisfaction Surveys for responses.  So sample people who reached out to ther representative?  Are they satisfied with the response (we can have several attributes).  What ever the numbers, there should be constant improvement with the quality of the response.